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Ministers - Chuck & Jen Bezio

Non-denominational Church open to people of all faiths.   We promote freedom of religion and to "do that which is right" - core tenets that underscore everything we do.

Ordained in 2016 by  The Universal Life Church Monastery (ULC)  www.Monastery.org

"We are all children of the same universe."

Services offered - None at this, due to Covid-19.  


Spiritual & Paranormal Experiences  

Spiritual & Paranormal Radio          Spiritual & Paranormal TV   


Spiritual & Paranormal Experiences, show is brought to you by the Society for Spiritual & Paranormal Research,  www.cbezio.com

Spiritual & Paranormal Experiences, began in 2006 as a weekly local TV show.  Eventually digital recordings were required by the TV Station.    Once the program went digital it never went back.  The show branched out to YouTube & Facebook and other social media platforms.  The show even began doing weekly internet radio program and podcasts.  Because of the show the Psychic Couple was created.  We wanted to focus directly on one or another.  Either, Spiritual & Paranormal Experiences or Psychic Predictions.  

In 2015, we stopped creating regular weekly episodes to focus on our family.  We continued to provide specials Spiritual & Paranormal Experiences and Psychic Readings.   On Thanksgiving day 2021 we began creating new episodes of Spiritual & Paranormal Experiences, and doing Live Psychic Readings again.

Since Thanksgiving day 2021, every Friday a new episode of Spiritual & Paranormal Experiences has been published to our Spiritual & Paranormal Experiences Facebook page as well as the Information sheet & outline for the show.  

The show is no longer classified as a TV, Radio or Podcast.  It is just called only a “Show”.  Spiritual & Paranormal Experiences episodes are recorded, with audio only.    


Tools and Protection, Prayers & Blessings read are read on each episode of Spiritual and Paranormal Experiences 

Tools of Protection

Tools of Protection, is brought to you by www.PsychicDiscover.com and is read by Minster Chuck  

Surround yourself with the white light of the Holy Spirit 

Surround yourself with the golden ring of love while filling the golden ring with green flowing healing energy. 

Surround yourself with a double sided mirror that repels all negative energy and allows all positive influential energies to flow freely. 

Surround yourself with Azna’s shield for Protection.  

Surround yourself with Azna’s sword for defense. 

Thank you my Lord, God, Jesus & Azna. 

Tools of Protection read by Minster Chuck 

Tools of Protection is brought to you by www.PsychicDiscover.com


Prayers and Blessings

Prayers and Blessings, is brought to you by Church of Love & Light, www.cbezio.com

Prayers and Blessings are read by Minister Jen

Dear God, Thank you for your great love and blessing over our lives. Thank you that your favor has no end, but it lasts for our entire lifetime. Forgive us for sometimes forgetting that you are intimately acquainted with all of our ways, that you know what concerns us, and you cover us with a shield. Amen

Prayers and Blessings are read by Minister Jen

Prayers and Blessings, is brought to you by Church of Love & Light      www.cbezio.com


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© 2006 - 2022
Society for Spiritual and Paranormal Research,
www.cbezio.com    (S.S.P.R.) 
 Chuck Bezio, Founder  
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